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Between the great powers of Rome and her old foe Parthia lies the desert kingdom of Palmyra. Parthia plans to gain control of Palmyra to launch an invasion of the Roman provinces. Prefect Macro and Centurion Cato are in charge as the Second Illyrian cohort prepares fro the coming invasion.

With Palmyra’s royal household on the brink of open revolt, a task force is dispatched to defend its King and borders. When Parthia hears of the Roman army’s presence, it starts amassing its troops for war. After the Parthian attack an outpost, Macro’s cohort must march against the enemy, deep into treacherous territory. If Palmyra is not to fall into the clutches of Parthia, they will have to defeat superior numbers in a desperate siege and pitched battle.

The quest for peace had never been more challenging, nor more critical for the future of the empire.

‘Coaxing teenage boys to read anything but the blurb on their latest videogame is a thankless task, but you might just persuade them to plug into a macho, all-action book. This never-a-dull-moment adventure set in the farthest desert outpost of the Roman empire, where the Parthians are preparing for the mother of all battles on the banks of the Euphrates (sounds familiar), is the latest in Scarrow's hugely successful "Under the Eagle" series. It doesn't matter that you've missed the first seven books about the 2nd Illyrian Cohort and its superstar heroes, Cato and Macro. What matters is that if there's a battle they'll be in the thick of it, and the fact that you're also getting a few modules' worth of ancient history is a bonus.’

The Guardian

...has all the hallmarks of Bernard Cornwell at his best, as Scarrow creates a time-warp which sweeps the reader into the past as if the fighting were happening today

The Oxford Times