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December 1804. Napoleon Bonaparte is Emperor of France, and his desire to rule Europe is overpowering. Soon after France’s spectacular defeat at Trafalgar, he wins a glorious victory against Austria at Austerlitz. Turning on Spain, he deposes the king and places his brother Joseph on the throne. Napoleon is now at the height of his powers. Yet his victories are bittersweet, for the Empress Josephine has failed to bear him a child - and he has yet to triumph over his most hated enemy: Great Britain.

Arthur Wellesley is proving himself as astute a politician as he is a military tactician. His marriage to Kitty Pakenham is less successful, though, and by way of escape he throws himself into the army’s campaign in Europe. After leading his men to glory in Portugal, he goes on to command the army in a series of triumphant battles, bringing him public acclaim. For those living reluctantly under French rule, his victories suggest that Napoleon’s progress is not inexorable: that freedom may yet be restored.

The third in his 19th  century series featuring Wellington and Napoleon. He just  gets better.

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